Outdoor Nature Programs

Veterans Trek aims to provide healthy outdoor activities and education to get Veterans into the restorative environment of nature

U.S. Forest Service Partnership

Veterans Trek performs trail assessment work for the U.S. Forest Service, providing both employment opportunities as well as a career path for Veterans

Veterans Trek Excursions

Getting Veterans in nature is what Veterans Trek is all about... our programs provide outdoor excursions for Veterans looking for a transformational experience

Programs building on the unique strengths of Veterans

Veterans possess unique skills and experience to work together on mission focused programs, whether for recreation or for work projects.  Because our programs are Veteran led and staffed, the level of training and experience in the outdoor environment provides the participants with a high level of support and satisfaction.

More on the healthy impact of nature...

We all intuitively know that the natural environment is healthy and restorative, and science backs up this inner knowing.  Veterans Trek provides a way for Veterans looking to immerse themselves in the natural environment, whether for recreation or for career.