General Questions

​Our treks are more than treks. Led by fellow Veterans, our treks provide you with the opportunity to be with your fellow Veterans who understand everything from your jargon to what it’s like to deal with combat and coming home. Learn new skills on meditation treks, experience a spiritual side of the Wolf-Walker treks, and get together with your Veteran buddies on our local weekly treks.

If you’re searching for a new way to help yourself, a new way to build positive relationships and create new memories, you should consider a trek with us.

The treks are designed to be physical, to get your body and mind in-tune. Along with the physical aspects, you’ll find the peer aspect. Every step of the way, you’ll be working towards overcoming your own, personal issues while helping and being helped by your fellow Veterans.

​We want to trek in many places around the country. The original “Veterans Trek” utilized country roads, trails, and city streets to cover the distance between Milwaukee, WI and Los Angeles, CA. All along the way, Tom and Anthony went through cities and towns, meeting fellow Veterans, and linking up with people interested in learning from and helping Veterans.

Please check our trek schedule and dates to see if we’ll be coming through your town.

Want to host our trekkers or provide a meal? Please contact us to discuss how you or your organization can be involved.

No problem! Our treks are there to meet your needs. If you want to just get out and trek with your fellow Veterans without meditation or spiritual work, you can.

One of the greatest things Tom and Anthony found on the walk was how the trek, itself, provided new memories to replace the intrusive, distracting memories they struggled with. Along with “repurposing” some of their old military skills (like land navigation and bivouac) Tom and Anthony were able to draw great deals of healing through nature.

We’d love to share this with you, too.​

​Era, combat status, and branch are irrelevant to us. If you’re a Vietnam Veteran, you’re just as welcome as an Iraq or Afghanistan Veteran. If you never served overseas but feel like you need a little help, we’re there for you.

Whether your issues stem from combat and coming home, or simply due to your military service, we want to help you.

We’re currently developing ways to include these treks for our Veteran family members, too. Please join our mailing list to keep up on the latest information on what treks are happening and who can join up!

Trekking is very physical. You’ll be carrying water, food, and your own supplies. Depending on the length of the trek, the weight and distance will vary. That said, we want to make every accommodation you need. If you’re a disabled Veteran, we will make every effort to make certain you’re as comfortable and safe as you can be.

We suggest you prepare for the trek by walking where and when you can. Try carrying a pack after a while and add weight every so often. Make sure you wear appropriate footwear.

If you’re interested in trekking with us and have some concerns, please contact us and we’ll work with you to provide a resolution so you can participate.