Spruce Mountain, Colorado
Spruce Mountain, Colorado

Veterans Trek is an organization formed and guided by three core values. These core values detail how we will form partnerships, interact with our supporters, and assist the Veterans who seek our programs. Each goal we set, plan we make, and trek we lead will be formed by these principles:

Honesty: Be honest and forthright as we explore healthy approaches aimed at happiness for the mind, body, and spirit.

Integrity: Be fully accountable to one’s self and the team.

Transparency: Selflessly and openly serve those who courageously choose to participate and assist our clients and Veteran community.

We believe these values will make every interaction with Veterans Trek a valuable and rewarding experience. We also believe it is our duty to instill full confidence for every donor to our programs that their donation is used for ethical and expected purposes. For additional information on who we are, please click here.